Why Use The Services Of A Professional E-Waste Recycling Centre To Dispose Your Computers?

recycling computers is beneficial not only for the environment but also for your organisation. Electronic wastes pose a big problem to the environment. There are strict laws and regulations related to their disposal. Always use services of a reputable computer recycling service company to dispose your computers and other electronic wastes.

Extra information about recycling computers

Why Recycle Computers and Not Send Them to the Landfills?

Electronic wastes like computers and its peripherals contain toxic materials including lead. If such wastes are dumped in the landfills, these hazardous materials can leach into the ground and affect the groundwater quality. Such hardware items do not decompose easily so they will continue to pose problems for generations to come. You do not want to be the organisation that creates such problems. Being a responsible organisation, you should use the services of a professional recycling facility and avoid sending your electronic wastes directly to the landfills.

Why Use the Services of a Computer Recycling Company?

There are e-waste disposal laws that require disposal of electronic wastes in certain ways using certain methods only. You may not have the time to study these regulations and then follow all the steps necessary for proper disposal of e-waste. A better solution is to hire a professional computer recycling company. It will collect your discarded computers and other e-wastes from your doorstep. All these items will be recycled and disposed properly as required by the laws and local regulations.

How Does Recycling Company Recycle Electronic Waste?

A licensed e-waste recycling and disposal company complies with environmental rules and regulations. After collecting computers and other e-wastes from offices and homes, it takes those items to its recycling centre. The electronic wastes collected this way are separated based on their condition. Computers and other items that can be reused are given a second lease of life by reselling or distributing through charities. Some computers still have reusable parts. These parts are taken out and reused in other computers. Parts not working are removed from their parent device for disposal. Once the recycling of your e-waste is complete, you will receive a recycling report that may also have a data destruction certificate if you had asked for this special service.

High Level of Data Security

You are assured of high level of data security when you give away your computers and related systems for recycling and disposal. Hard drives are removed from the systems and data held on them are destroyed. A media shredder shreds the hard drives to 15 mm particles. If you have asked for a detailed report, the serial number of the system is scanned before its destruction. You will receive a report and certificate for recycling and destruction.

Most computer parts like power supply, processor, memory, PC case, CD/DVD drive and some circuit boards are recovered for use in other computers. You get a recycling/destruction data report after the recycling process is complete. You can send for recycling and disposal the items like computer base units, all in one PCs, computer monitors, keyboards and mice, power supplies, memory, processors, CD/DVD drives and other electronic wastes.